Naish SUP Air Crossover Inflatable 11'0" (30" x 6")

Naish SUP Air Crossover Inflatable 11'0" (30" x 6")

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Inflatable Windsurf/SUP - All-around Cruising/Wave


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The Crossover Inflatables are incredibly versatile inflatable boards for both windsurfing and stand up paddling. They feature an M8 universal insert for attaching a windsurfing rig and offer outstanding sailing performance in light to moderate wind conditions. They also have a slide-in dagger fin for upwind performance regardless of wind strength.

For stand up paddling, the Crossovers are designed with a low rocker and added thickness for directional stability and long glides. This makes them the ideal boards for fun flatwater cruising and longboard style windsurfing.