Naish SUP Air Mana 9'10" with Sport 3pc Paddle

Naish SUP Air Mana 9'10" with Sport 3pc Paddle

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Inflatable All-Round Cruising/Wave


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The Mana Inflatable 9'10" is an incredibly stable, 34” wide-style design that is ideal for learning, touring and small wave riding. It features a smoothed out, progressive rocker that provides easy turning manoeuvrability and outstanding all-around performance in flatwater.

The Sport is a versatile paddle for novice paddlers, schools and recreational cruising. It features a molded PVC blade for incredible durability and a Vario pushpin cleat for easy length adjustment. Available in both vario and 3-piece options, this paddle is easy to transport and adjust on the fly. The new anti-twist vario system features a single-notch system for perfect blade/handle alignment every time. The Hydro Seal fortifies the shaft exterior creating a watertight seal that enhances buoyancy—a helpful feature for newer paddlers.

Comes with:
Naish Rucksack
Naish Mana 9'10"
Naish Pump
Naish Sport 3pc Paddle