• Union Canal Litter Pick Paddle

    Paddling up and down stretches of the Union Canal near to Paddlefast HQ, it saddens me how much rubbish can be found floating around. As a result, I decided to do something about it and organised a litter pick paddle.

    Who came along

    A few hardy souls braved a cold evening at the SUP Central Scotland 2nd session at Tesco Redding Road. In addition to the 6 paddlers, we had a shore crew of kids and a group of Tesco employees who very kindly came to help armed with gloves and litter pickers. Some of the under 18s may have been bribed to attend with fish suppers from Benny Ts...!

    What we found

    An odd assortment of trugs and even a baby bath were used to collect the rubbish collected from the water. The majority of the rubbish collected were plastic bottles, crisp packets and cans. However, some of the more unusual items included jelly bean memorabilia, a tv, a fishing lure and a sodden and disgusting piece of foam.

    Educating and sorting

    The enthusiastic shore crew could be heard shouting ‘litter’ for miles around! It was a great opportunity to teach the kids about plastic pollution and how long it takes for rubbish to biodegrade, or not as the case may be.

    We sorted the rubbish into glass bottles, plastic, cans and general waste. In the end we filled two trolleys with sorted rubbish. The lovely Tesco team took this to be disposed of with the store’s recycling.

    A job well done

    I cannot begin to tell you how satisfying it is to have paddled past that stretch of canal since, to know that our SUP Central Scotland team are responsible for how good it looks. Needless to say, we all enjoyed our biscuits (after a thorough hand wash!) as we packed up!

    If you would like to join us next time, you can like the page Paddlefast on Facebook, follow our events page or drop us a line in the office 01324 861756.

  • How to fly with an inflatable paddleboard

    Many posts have come before this one about how to fly with an inflatable paddleboard. How do I pack my SUP kit? Is my bag too heavy for flying? Do I need to book my SUP gear on as sports gear? However, until I had actually packed a board and taken it abroad, I felt I couldn't comment!

    The journey - Paris SUP Nautique

    So I should preface this by saying these tips are from my experience flying Edinburgh to Paris with Air France. Other airlines may have different policies when it comes to outsize baggage and weight allowances.

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  • Santa SUP 2018 breaking the ice at the Stables, Kirkintilloch

    Despite a less than promising forecast, an intrepid group of stand up paddleboarders met earlier today. The aim was to bring 2 paddleboard groups together (SUP Glasgow and Paddlefast’s Paddleclub Group – Central Scotland) for a social stand up paddle (SUP) in fancy dress in honour of the season.

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  • Opt Outdside

    This coming Friday sees the world go mad for so-called bargains online and in shops across the UK. With names like Black Friday and Cyber Monday emphasising the apocalyptic nature of these flash sales, Paddlefast are jumping on the Red Paddle Co bandwagon and suggesting we #optoutside instead.

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  • Spring arrives in time for Sport Relief SUP in Largs

    We packed up the inflatable SUPs (iSUPs) on Friday and hoped and prayed that the weather would be kind to us on Sunday in time for our 11am SUP launch. I'm delighted to say that the weather was fine: warm and sunny with barely a breath of wind in the morning. However, the water temperature was still a bit nippy so most opted to wear their O'Neill Wetsuits!
  • 2016 SUP ranges available

    The 2016 brochures have arrived, and we're furiously beavering away in the background to get these uploaded on to the website for your viewing pleasure.

    Brands include Naish, Red Paddle Co, Starboard and BiC.

    In the meantime, please contact the office on 01324 861 756 or via email if you wish further information, prices or a demo.

  • Joggers to Journalists give SUP a Shot

    Sunday 22nd November dawned clear and gorgeous, if a little chilly - perfect conditions for beginners to have a go on the various demo boards on the canal.

    Boards inflated and ready for action by 10am, the mercury venturing slowly upwards from the 2 degrees mark. Fortunately, true to their word, the Park Bistro opened at 10:30am in time for bacon rolls and coffee.

    From dog walkers to cyclists, heads turned to see what on earth was happening and a couple of intrepid joggers borrowed life jackets to have a quick shot before continuing on their 5km run.

    Towards the end of the day we were visited by Gavin from the Falkirk Herald, to do a follow up piece on this 'new' sport. The sun was still shining away so hopefully the photographer got a couple of good shots.

    The murky canal water combined with freezing November temperatures provided enough of an incentive not to fall in fortunately for all concerned. That said, the Red 10'6 proved to be the most popular board, but only because the majority of the people who attended had never SUPed before.

  • Review of the Starboard 11'2 Astro Blend Zen

    Finally spotting a dry patch between the clouds, I took to the Union Canal this morning in our demo Starboard 11’2 x 32 Astro Blend Zen. This is the first time I have actually been on the board myself and I must say, I was impressed.

    Unpacking the bag, the Astro Blend comes with 2 fixed blades on the underside, protected by grey armbands in the bag. In addition there is a US fin box and a removable fin, which has to be screwed into position (NB – no screwdriver is required although there is an ‘x’ in the top in case you wish to use one). The board itself features a very comfortable handle in the middle plus a handle at the stern for strapping your paddle in position should you wish to indulge in a spot of Yoga or similar. The Eva deckpad is comfortable under the toes or should I say dinghy boots as it is only 6 degrees outside! Continue reading

  • Loch Venachar Demo Day - Aerial Footage

    Well it was a chilly weekend, but thank you to those who came to try out the paddles and boards at Loch Venacher Sailing Club last Saturday.

    My thanks in particular go to Ben and the team at local firm Altitude Media Events who took this drone footage and put together a short montage for us. If you would like a quote for your own event, please drop them a line 

    Continue reading

  • Flat-water SUP Course Edinburgh

    Trying to get the sport of SUP off the ground in Scotland is going to take a fair amount of enthusiastic volunteers in the early stages. With this in mind, one of the SUP in Scotland Group regulars is organising a flat-water SUP Instructor course in Edinburgh on 24th and 25th November. Continue reading

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