• How to fly with an inflatable paddleboard

    Many posts have come before this one about how to fly with an inflatable paddleboard. How do I pack my SUP kit? Is my bag too heavy for flying? Do I need to book my SUP gear on as sports gear? However, until I had actually packed a board and taken it abroad, I felt I couldn't comment!

    The journey - Paris SUP Nautique

    So I should preface this by saying these tips are from my experience flying Edinburgh to Paris with Air France. Other airlines may have different policies when it comes to outsize baggage and weight allowances.

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  • Santa SUP 2018 breaking the ice at the Stables, Kirkintilloch

    Despite a less than promising forecast, an intrepid group of stand up paddleboarders met earlier today. The aim was to bring 2 paddleboard groups together (SUP Glasgow and Paddlefast’s Paddleclub Group – Central Scotland) for a social stand up paddle (SUP) in fancy dress in honour of the season.

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  • Opt Outdside

    This coming Friday sees the world go mad for so-called bargains online and in shops across the UK. With names like Black Friday and Cyber Monday emphasising the apocalyptic nature of these flash sales, Paddlefast are jumping on the Red Paddle Co bandwagon and suggesting we #optoutside instead.

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  • Pumpkin Adventure to the Narrowboat Farm by SUP

    Boy on paddleboard with red paddle co kiddy paddleOn the last day of our half-term holiday I promised the kids a pumpkin adventure. Not content with your average ‘drive to a pumpkin patch’ scenario, I decided to use this as an opportunity to get the paddleboard out in mid-October.

    The paddling team

    Now admittedly my 6 year old was very enthusiastic of a paddleboarding trip and even better if there was a pumpkin and carving at the end of it! However, my nearly 1 year old is still on the young side for paddleboarding adventuress of more than half an hour. She did not look overly impressed at being bundled into layers and lifejacket but was unfazed on the water which I take as a good sign!

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  • Authentic kid’s Review of Red Paddle Co kiddy paddle

    On a recent paddle, I asked Alexander (aged 6) for a review of the Red Paddle Co kiddy paddle which he has used for the last couple of years. Now 6 years old, it finally is the right size for him.

    The paddler

    Alexander has been paddleboarding since we started the business 4 years ago now. Initially just a passenger, he has gradually become more involved in our paddle adventures at Loch Lomond and beyond. We got him his own paddle when he was 4 but it wasn’t really until this summer that he used it properly.

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  • Naish Product testing for 2019

    This week has been a busy time heading all the way down to the south coast to do a little product testing. We spent a very productive couple of hours with Alex from Naish SUP trying out some of their hard boards.

    Conditions were perfect at Weymouth with light breeze and sunshine. We launched in the harbour for a quick shot of the following boards:

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  • 2019 SUP Ranges Available

    Naish details for 2019

    Paddlefast are delighted to announce the 2019 SUP ranges from Naish SUP are now available. We have the Naish One 12’6 in the new 2019 colours (see photos). The black and yellow has been updated to more black and white and there is an Alana version too.

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  • Paddleclub Central Scotland goes from strength to strength in 2018

    Phew, what a year!! With the nights drawing in, and our last Tuesday paddleclub Central Scotland session coming up on 25th September, it seems appropriate to reflect on what has been an epic 4th year for Paddlefast’s Paddleclub.

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  • Paddleclub 2018 up and running

    Winter break and a new arrival

    Some of our more frequent customers and Paddleclub attendees will know that we have had a quieter than usual 6 months at Paddlefast as we welcome the arrival of baby Ellie. Awwwww.

    However, the call of the water is strong and I am desperate to get back to fighting fitness - what better way than getting Paddleclub back up and running for 2018!

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  • Paddleclub Sessions over the Avon Aqueduct

    Avon Aqueduct info boardsPaddlefast are fortunate enough to be located just by the Union Canal. With various launch points within easy reach, we opted to launch from the pretty Muiravonside Parish Church and head Eastwards towards Linlithgow and the Avon  Aqueduct.

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